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She was so helpful and accessible
August 2019

I used Kathy Szymanski as a buyer’s agent on a recent purchase. I’d met her when I was looking for an investment condo in Arlington. She was so helpful (unlike almost any other realtor) that I kept her name for future use. Some months later I found another property I was interested in. She helped me do due diligence and decide whether to move forward on the place. In the end it was a short sale, and so I did not. Then, when I found a farm some miles out, I called her again. I am an architect and have bought and sold many houses from DC to Hawaii. I’ve looked a hundreds of properties (maybe thousands?) and met untold numbers of realtors. Generally I don’t use a buyer’s agent so I can offer the carrot of dual representation to the seller’s agent. But I wanted Kathy’s help!

And help she did! I’m cynical on realtors. Most don’t seem to want to work hard. Kathy provided me with more due diligence on this property than I’d even hoped for. I love her way of presenting information and asking questions to lead me – the buyer – into making the right decision for me, rather than trying to manipulate things into a quick and easy deal closing. Once we had a contract, Kathy drove out a long way on numerous occasions and tirelessly help do inspections, etc where the listing agent (typically) wouldn’t even return calls. She was accessible – never too busy or too self important to shove me off on her (also very competent) assistant. They even prepared a list of utilities for me to know who to contact in an unfamiliar area when I got possession of my new place. I’d nominate her for a ‘most helpful’ National Association or Realtor®’s award, but she’d never win because she puts most realtors to shame! It was a joy working with Kathy and I’ll call her again in a heartbeat.
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