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expertise, professionalism, patience and understanding
August 2019

Your expertise, professionalism, patience and understanding of this market resulted in securing a home that fits my needs perfectly! Your time and patience in showing me a variety of options (some more than once) enabled me to make an informed decision. Your extra effort to respond to every detail whether it was a curious inquiry or a serious financial decision demonstrates your genuine interest in helping others find a home.

With every action and word you took care to be courteous to others, listening to all perspectives and providing a 360 degree view of each situation. Your easy, direct style made me feel comfortable to express my concerns and confident that my interests were represented throughout the entire process. Your integrity, honesty and character make you stand out in this market. And your concern for others adds that extra value that comes from the heart.

You have been an incredible friend throughout this process and I truly appreciate the extra effort you put forth to ensure that I was satisfied with my new place. How ironic that I chose the place you original picked out as perfect for my needs!
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